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We are Retiring!!!

After 22 years in business, TG Orchids will be permanetly closed by the end of October, 2021.


Thank you for growing with us!!!







What’s New This Month:


Restock September 3, 2021

The first restock of the month!  Please not that those shipping to areas which have temperatures below 10ºC will need to purchase a heat pack(s)


Thunia brymeriana

Degarmoara Pinot Princess ‘Nite Naulege’

Cattleya bicalhoi (syn laelia dayana)

Cattleya Triumphal Coronation

Dendrobium Burana Sunshine ‘Mutation’

Dendrobium King Dragon Alba

Dendrobium Noppon Starbright ‘Pink’

Cattleya Rungnapha Fancy ‘Warm Welcome’

Broughtonia sanguinea

Wilsonara Joe Vanilla ‘First Out’

Oncidium Heaven Scent ‘Sweet Baby’

Coryanthes macrantha

Cattleya (Guarianthe) aurantiaca

Cattleya Sea Breeze

Cattleya loddigesii ‘Perfection’

Lc. White Island

Chiloschista viridiflava

Bulbophyllum vaginatum

Neofinetia falcata

Trias oblonga

Phaiocalanthe Kryptonite x Calanthe Grouville

Rth. Siam Fancy ‘Mighty Wings’

Laelia perrinii

Catasetum tenebrosum

Dendrobium delacourii

Dendrobium Golden Blossom ‘Marginata’

Rlc. Nakornchaisri Delight

Prosthechea cochleata

Vandachostylis Pinky

Ionocidium Popcorn

Howeara Lava Burst 'Puanani’ AM/AOS

Hoya bicolor

Aglaonema Red Army

Huperzia goebelii

Huperzia squarrosa


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