About Us



Since 1999, Tropical Gardens Orchids, a family-owned nursery located in Richmond, B.C., have been serving the orchid and plant community in Canada from coast to coast. 


Founded by Calvin Wong, an experienced orchid grower & hybridizer; an accredited judge of the American Orchid Society (AOS); Vice Chair of the AOS Western Canada Judging Centre; and Past President of the Canadian Orchid Congress (COC). Calvin often judges various orchid shows internationally and are invited to different speaking engagements in North America. He is also published in various publications, such as the Orchid Digest.


In Tropical Gardens Orchids, we strive to bring you the newest and the best quality of Orchids and Rare Plants at great prices. We specialize in unique, rare but easy to grow species and hybrids, come check out our exciting offerings online!


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