Aerides Odorata *In Double Spikes!

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Aerides odorata is an attractive species from Southeast Asia. Aerides means ‘child of the air’ and odorata means fragrant. This easy growing free flowering species produces pendant fox tail like flower sprays with a multitude of one inch to inch and a half cream to white colored flowers with a darker purple lip. There are varying degrees of purple and pink splashes on the petals and sepals and occasionally there can be all pink forms. The flowers are long lasting (6-8 weeks) and once open for a few days become very fragrant.

Vanda culture is suitable but with a little less light these seem to do better.

We have one plant on offer which have double mature growths and 2 spikes! Exact plant for sale in photo.

Size:  Blooming-sized in plastic basket
Fragrant: Yes
Growing conditions: Intermediate-warm

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