Begonia Painter’s Palette

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Begonia Painter’s Palette is a stunning new medium-sized rex-type with leaves shaped like an artist’s palette, it has red and green background along with charcoal and black and liberally dotted with white at the edges, this hybrid is absolutely classy and understated.  

Perfect as a container plant outdoor, or tropical house plant indoor.

Size:  2.5" pot

USDA Hardiness Zone(s): 8-11
Exposure: Full Shade

If you can grow orchids, you can grow Begonias!!!

Begonias have always been popular plants for both indoor and outdoor gardeners due to their wide variety of colorful foliage and ease of care.  These colorful & quick growing plants have hundreds of hybrids that come in many varieties that are often chosen more for their leaf color than insignificant blossoms.  They prefer shaded but humid conditions with rich soil but well drained soil.  Their leaf size varies per types but ranges from a miniature 2″ leave to up to 7” long.  If you successfully grow orchids, you would have no problem growing Begonias! They are perfect companion plants that give loads of foliage interests to an any collection.

The Cane-types are very tolerable of lower humidity and can take more light, so they are excellent to be grown as tropical house plants.

The Miniature and Rhizomatous-types are perfect candidates for terrariums/vivariums as they remain small and compact. Since it does well in moist, humid conditions, this miniature and rhizomatous-type Begonias will thrive in a vivarium and create a nice thick foliage that can be placed in the middle-back areas of the tank. Minor pruning can be easily done to keep the plant at a manageable size. The broad leaves also allow many creatures to take cover underneath.

The rex-types are a great candidates for a small bush in either a pot or hanging basket or also as a lovely houseplant, especially in the winter. If you have mild winters (Zone 8 or a ove), they can be planted outside as garden plants. Some of the more compact cultivars, with proper maintenance and pruning, can also be grown in terrariums/vivariums and provide excellent hiding spots for little creatures in the tank

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