Calathea orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia is a gem amongst foliage plants. This hard to find Calathea has broad bright green leaves, delicately striped with silvery-blue patterning that looks almost metallic. Elegant and understated, this Calathea is prized for its round leaves which grow quite wide as the plant matures. The new leaves emerge beautifully from the center of the plant, which grows densely and can get rather large for Calathea – up to 2.5′ tall and wide, with leaves stretching over 8″.

As with other Calatheas, their soft foliage are sometimes prone to blemishes during shipping. We take great care packing our plants, however minor blemishes on leaves are expected and are cosmetic in nature, and do not affect the overall health of the plants.

Size: 4inch pot 
Fragrant: No
Growing conditions: Intermediate-warm

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