Catasetum tenebrosum

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Native to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, Catasetum tenebrosum is one of the most desirable of the Catasetum's with dark brown to black flowers with a bright Ivory Green Lip.

The 6-12 flowers are around an inch and a quarter in size with a nice spicy fragrance. Male flowers are produced in somewhat shady medium light producing 10 to 18 flowers and in very bright light you will get 3-6 of the green female flowers.

As with other plants in this group, Catasetum tenebrosum will loose its leaves usually in the fall after flowering and new growth has matured.

We grow these in New Zealand sphagnum moss. We fertilize these every third time we water them during the growing season and when the leaves fall we stop fertilizing and only provide enough water to keep the pseudobulbs from shriveling. This species has been rarely available and is a treasure to own. 


Size: Blooming sized with 2-3 pseudobulbs, plants currently dormant, new growth will start in the spring
Fragrant: Yes
Growing conditions: Warm

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