Habenaria Rhodocheila ‘Pink’

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Habenaria Rhodocheila ‘Pink’Miscellaneous38

This is a wonderful Southeast Asian terrestrial orchid that grows in deciduous forests. This is the bright pink clone of this stunning species. These plants will go dormant after blooming and slowly lose all of the foliage in the winter. Once dormant, a tuber inside the pot will rest until late spring. During dormancy, you can store the tuber in a slightly humid environment (50 to 70 percent), watering the plants is not necessary. If the environment is very dry (under 50% humidity), spritz the surface with water once a week to keep the tuber from shriveling up completely. You should be able to water the plant and see growth emerge again sometime in the spring/ summer.

Size:  Blooming Sized Tuber
Fragrant: No
Growing conditions: Intermediate-warm

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