Lc. Irene Teo Lai Kheng ‘Little Fireball’

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Lc. Irene Teo Lai Kheng ‘Little Fireball’ is a very easy to grow, resilient miniature grower. A hybrid between Lc. Aloha Case and S. coccinea, it has extra larger flower on a micro-miniature plant!

Its larger flower size is due to the pod parent, Lc. Aloha Case, while its growth habit and color are influenced by the pollen parent, S. coccinea, creating a perfect mating of both parents. The vivid red color in the flowers is most intense during cooler and brighter conditions. When flowering under the warmer temperatures of summer, the flowers tend to be more orange with less red pigment showing. Flower carries a slight fragrance.

Size:  Blooming Sized 
Fragrant: Yes
Growing conditions: Cool-Intermediate-warm

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