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Inspired by traditional Japanese Neofinetia falcata pots with over 500 years of tradition and meticulous attention to cultivating for orchids. Neos was designed with feedback from expert growers, orchid judges, and Neo enthusiasts around the world for all the best features while taking into account traditional knowledge, aesthetics, and functionalities for your most prized Neofinetia, as well as other orchids that appreciate lots of air exchange in their root zone. We found this pot have done leaps bounds for our Neos, Phal, mini Cattleyas, and any orchids that like their roots dry out between waterings.

Designed to bring the focus to your orchids, Neos can both fad to the background and let your plants shine or stand out alongside your plants for a bold statement. The pots can be painted or draw on to bring additional pop to your collection if you fancy something more unique. Standard colours are white, clear and black.

A set of 3, We have often found ourselves looking for that next bigger pot when our orchids mature. When we made Neos we’ve thought of that as well. The 3 sizes, all have the same features and functions and should have you covered from seedling stage to mature size plants.

The size indicated is the measurement of outer diameter of the pot.


Neos is made out of PLA, which is a corn/cane sugar-based plastic.It is a fully biodegradable green alternative to our everyday plastic. It is UV-safe, and has a softening temperature of 65°C (149°F) so be careful on exposing it to temperatures beyond this point. Aside from the temperature, under normal usage inside a home, PLA will not degrade from its plastic structure so no worries, use it like you would any other pot you own.



Method 1

If you see some algae growing on the pots over time, it is best to sanitize them by soaking them in a solution of 50/50 bleach to water. Due to the airy material used to enhance orchid cultivation, these pots float! So having a weight or simply a rock to hold them down would do the trick. After the soaking it is a good idea to give the pots a good rinse under tap water and let them air dry fully before use.


Method 2

Alternatively if you don’t have bleach on hand, it is also possible to sanitize the pots by using some hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Simply spray the H2O2 onto the spots with algae and leave it for 15-30mins. You should see the algae turn from a green to a clear/white color. After it’s done simply rinse off the pot and allow for air dry.

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