TG Orchids | Monnierara Millennium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ FCC/AOS
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Monnierara Millennium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ FCC/AOS


Another  black orchid hybrid after the Fredekeara After Dark. Monnierara Millennium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ FCC/AOS is a complex catasetinae hybrid between Catanoches Midnight Jem and Marmodes sinuata. Flowers are numerous, long lasting, and have a minty fragrance.

As with most Catasetinae these are easily grown and flowered when given bright light and a distinct dry rest period. Plants should be kept in relatively small pots. Plants begin growth in March – May. During the growing season they like copious water but prefer to dry out between. Plants flower as each new growth matures, but some flower with the new growth. Plants will mature their growths August – October. At this point cut back on water. When the leaves have completely fallen off only water enough to keep the pseudobulbs from shriveling. The following season wait until the new growth is about 2” – 4” tall with developing roots before beginning to water normally. This is usually the best time to repot. Repotting when the plants are early in their active growth and when the roots are still short. Plants grow well under Cattleya levels of light but will proliferate and flower better under stronger light.

*There are just getting ready for their dormancy so leaves will start to shed. However the current year psedudobulbs are large and plump so the new growth in the spring will be strong.

Size: Near Blooming Sized
Fragrant: Yes
Growing conditions: Warm

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