Shipping Information

We have been an on-line mail order nursery since 1999, and we take great pride in how we package and ship our plants.
We ship year round, unless otherwise noted, or when temperature is lower than -20C enroute or at destination. We ship every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between March and September; and every Monday everyween October to February. 
Currently, Purolator is our preferred national carrier based on service coverage, reliability, and pricing considerations. Express or Ground Service will be used depending on your location. Canada Post Xpresspost maybe used for certain areas, by speical request. or if the customer provided a Flex Delivery address upon check out. A slower, more economical shipping option is available for shipment contains non-plant item(s) only. Shipping estimates are provided upon checkout from the shopping cart.
We strongly suggest our customers to add Shipping Heat Packs to ensure safe arrival of their orders during winter months. In general, we recommend adding heat pack when temperatures enroute are less than 10C.  Several Shipping Heat Pack options are available at an extra cost, you may add heat pack to your order by purchasing them in the “Supplies” section in our Catalogue.
Local pick up in Richmond or Vancouver (Downtown) can be arranged free of charge:
Weekdays between 1030am to 230pm in Richmond near Steveston Hwy/Number 6 Rd. or:
Weekdays afternoon between 430pm and 7pm in downtown Vancouver near Beach Ave./Hornby St.
Local pick up is not available on statutory holidays. Please allow minimum of 24 hours advanced notice to schedule local pick up. Same-day pick up is unavailable at this time.
Shipping to the US & Internationally
We have permanently suspended out of country shipping due to policy changes of the CITES regulations from Environment & Climate Change Canada. We apologize but shipping out of country is no longer worth our time and efforts anymore.


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